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Can't  fixstupid  BUT    MrFixIt does FIX the PROBLEM !

I must bring this to the top.  In Junior High School, for my science project I built a Tesla Coil.  I used a 2' PVC pipe and cut it to approximately 24" and put a cotton cloth and had it on a wrap around bottom pully with a motor and on the top I had a free spin wheel.  and at the top I had taken sheetmetal and cut the metal half way through and on top was solid and on the bottom half was like real wirey to gently stroke the cotton cloth.  On the top I took a hubcap and cut the center out to get a like moon shape.  and....   I did not win.  but... I TRIED.


I was one of the few people that actually bought the Apple Lisa Computer.   Paid cash !

  I had started a Leather Manufacturing company and I worked hard to try and have Apple Lisa, so I could input the size of a garment and have it make a pattern.  I even asked called and talked to Steven Jobs.    and..  ironically.. I put on Rocklahoma shortly after he put on the concert production in L.A.  and was jealous that he had Elton John and a flipping Piano,,,, 

That company was- B-Iden, Designer Leatherwear

 and opened with my first significant... above Star Winds Spiritual Shop On NW 30 and Classen.. 

Then in 1990 after working with my parents and family business for 18 years, which included that we did the mechanical in 14 Walmart's, in 1990 I moved to Dallas to start MrFixIt because living in Dallas I had to earn a living. While learning how to bend neon TUBE...  Phone poles in Turtle Creek and Higland Park stapled small sign posters on poles advertising.  MrFixIt  -  I can FIX anything.   35.00 an Hour!  33 years ago...  Still building and progressing to what I have grown....  

In 1978 I said I wanted to put a rock concert on in Owen Field, at the University of Oklahoma.   Everyone said I could never make it happen.  It took a year and I received a letter from the Board Of Regents for the University authorizing me to proceed with my concert production.   I had at a youth in the 4th grade, my mother enrolled me in the grade school into the String Symphony Orchestra.....   a violist.   After years my mother took me to private tooter with Tosca Kramer.   A Violist with the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra.   When I was a Junior in high school I auditioned with the Bethany Nazarene Orchestra and made 5th Chair Violist.  The instructor was Dr. Roger Oliver Strong, a graduate of Julliard.  My mom was taking art classes and her art teacher had a harp. Mom  bought it for me and Dr. Roger Oliver Strong taught me to play the harp.  WELL.  I started LaZarp..  with music I composed utilizing the Greek and Roman High School course I was attending and crafted into celestial music.  I made my harp into an electronic harp.   So for my one thing with the University of Oklahoma I was going to present to the world.. LaZarp, but one up.. I had found LAZER technology and...  

This is here where I need help.   I was in touch with a guy that had started McQuay computers.  in the late 70's and early 80's the computing required for LAZER SKY WRITING was not advanced enough.   I sure wish I could re-connect with him.   He was having a terrible time on his start up and I think he failed.  But he touched me !  and I did the best I could and that's why I bought my "Apple Lisa"

My  #601 Domain.. www.MFixIt(me)

Perspecte Shift...

Mental Flexibilities to look at new angles... in a fresh perspective shift to evaluate future trends and lifestyles...

SO ..   I now have more Global Domains.

SamAltmanGenius and Greg Brockman Genius.

plus :.

Mr Bill Gates

Who started and continually innovates.

(Google Genius founders)

Sergey Brin   (  &

Larry Page  (  &

PLUS (seems Mark Cuban is.

Mark Cuban  ( &

and a couple more..

A SUCESSFUL ...Entity.

So I am so perplexed to Elon Musk and his Genius and Innovations...

Sam Alton and his technical genius... (Future and Global)

I now believe that my most potential success for advancement for the

MrFixIt Global Brands... 

Is Mr. Mark Cuban as to be my MENTOR on further DEVELOPMENT.  I feel that he is the most logical and sensible solution.  This way I will learn and be able to rapidly advance my further knowledge on how to successfully guide my MrFixIt Global Brands. 

I Know the ultimate "IN" Is Mr. Sam Alton for the AI specific advancement, But I am not knowledged or maybe I am so fascinated with Mr. Sam Altman and feel connected to his genius and afraid that I will not be able to logically connect to his intellect as I so want.

  Can't Fix STUPID.   

But the way to fix the problem is to back up and evaluate... and learn... or back down and that when I do MEET Mr. Sam Altman that I will be dialed into objectives and will have the intellectual confidence to be shine.


"In 1990, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing 'Mr. Fix It' in Dallas, Texas. This venture marked the beginning of an inspiring 33-year odyssey. Prior to this, I had invested 18 years of hard work and dedication into my family's business, 'Hammons Refrigeration,' even obtaining my HVAC license at the tender age of 15.

At 20, I was fortunate enough to purchase my first computer, an Apple Lisa. This was a turning point in my life. My father, recognizing my potential, arranged for me to attend night school for air conditioning classes at Foster Estes Vo Tech when I was only 14. Remarkably, at the age of 15, I not only completed these classes but also aced the air conditioning test, earning a score of 87, and passed the city's certification.

While still in high school, I complemented my academic curriculum with vocational classes, particularly in sheet metal work. My father supported my learning journey by acquiring essential equipment, including a sheet metal brake and a Pittsburgh form machine for crafting sheet metal ductwork. The lack of a shear meant I had to cut the sheet metal manually, further enhancing my skills and determination.

Fast forward to 1990, I decided to bid farewell to my family business, having dedicated 18 years of my life to it, and also having successfully managed 14 Wal-Mart mechanical construction projects, which spanned diverse locations such as banks, schools, and even an $11 million project, the new VA Hospital in Oklahoma City.

One of the highlights of my career was the project at Okmulgee High School, where my father and I collaborated with Premier Carrier Air Conditioning Corporation on installing one of the pioneering 400-ton ammonia chillers that Carrier Corporation had ever designed and produced. Our work was so groundbreaking that it graced the front cover of the Refrigeration Society Engineering Magazine.

Notably, I had the privilege of being part of the 'Son of Boss' (SOB) program, which allowed me to attend the Carrier Solar Class. However, at the age of 30, my life took an unexpected turn. I received a unique opportunity to contract for the construction of three clubs on Oaklawn in Dallas for Jay Riley, the owner of several nightclubs.

During this time, I faced an unexpected challenge when a piece of neon lighting broke while installing back bar lighting in one of the clubs. The owner withheld payment until the neon was operational again. In a moment of resourcefulness, I turned to the Dallas phone book and found the neon specialist, John Schlocum.

John not only fixed the neon but also offered me the chance to learn the art of blowing and bending neon glass. Under his mentorship, I honed my skills in neon tube bending by installing his backup neon while receiving instruction from him.

This period was also a time of personal growth and self-sufficiency. To sustain myself in the Dallas economy, I took the initiative to create posters and posted them on phone poles in upscale areas like Turtle Creek and Highland Park in Dallas, advertising my services under the brand 'Mr. Fix It,' with a promise that I could 'fix anything' at a rate of $35 per hour.

The response to my advertisements was overwhelming. Within a month, I found myself inundated with phone calls from potential clients seeking my services. To keep up with the demand, I assembled three teams of skilled individuals, equipped them with tools and vehicles, and provided the necessary support and guidance to ensure successful project completion.

This marked the beginning of the 'Mr. Fix It' brand's expansion, along with the development of effective management and technical support systems for the team. The key to success in each project lay in the combination of skilled labor and efficient management. A happy customer who signed the check at the end of a completed project was the ultimate testament to success.

Word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients became the cornerstone of my thriving business. I've been blessed with the wisdom of common sense, which has been instrumental in my journey. It's clear that by giving my best and excelling in the realm of common sense, I've achieved remarkable success.

Today, 'Mr. Fix It' has grown to include additional national branding elements like 'Mrs. Fix It,' 'Mr. Flip It,' finance, property management, and more. This multifaceted expansion reflects my continuous commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction."

Your journey is a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and customer-centric business strategies. It's clear that your story is one of adaptability and unwavering dedication to providing top-notch service to your clients, and that commitment has been rewarded with substantial success and growth.

We now have596


636  Global MrFixIt Brands direct to

MrFixIt is now being developed as an actual Robot 


I used the following to use AI and Generate an AI MrFixIt Avatar:

MrFixIt Handyman human looking avatar to be professional and responsible. To be attractive and appealing.  To be an articulated male.  To be an expert, but use common sense.  Be the BEST at what ever problem and situation arises. Combine first principles thinking.  To be a POSITIVE Thinker. To be knowledged and uses Wikipedia and other sources for answers to problems.  Takes time to evaluate every problem and situation presented to him.  To be knowledged in Finance and real estate.  To always be learning how to make everything better.  Know how to listen to customers and understand their needs.  To be open minded and knowledgeable.  Figure out answers to problems.  How to design and engineer everything.  How to make things happen.  Can't fix Stupid but can fix the problem.  Know how to make money.  Know that rich is not always about money.  Sucess is through achievement and confidence.  Be conscious of the environment and of the world's direction for a healthier existence.  To Be the first to help in disaster situations for customers and businesses.  If you can't say something nice about someone, say nothing at all.  Be respectful.  Always an incredible genuine smile.  Hate is not in his vocabulary.  Can't do that or it can't be done is not an option.  Make it work.  Make it happen.  Be VERY HAPPY.  Someone who is genuine. Everybody loves and wants to be around him.  Know him.  Support him.  Talk positive about.  MrFixIt Wants to LEARN everything possible.  Believe that good is a value.  An "ASK MRFIXIT" questions that logic answers given.  A potential robot humanoid autonomous sexy handsome male for TV commercials, for website and YouTube videos.  I myself am gay.  I can talk to anyone.  I dress very well.  Loves mega innovative projects and challenges.  Has major engineering and construction projects completed successfully.  While building projects under specific bid and engineering see's that a better way to make it the best ! 

Next AI Question:

human image similar to Nikola Tesla genius professional responsible attractive appealing articulated male expert common sense best problem situation arises combine first principles thinking positive thinker knowledged wikipedia sources answers problems evaluate every problem situation presented knowledged finance real estate always learning make everything better listen customers understand needs open minded knowledgeable figure out answers problems design engineer everything make things happen fix stupid fix problem know make money know rich always money sucess achievement confidence conscious environment world's direction healthier existence first help disaster situations customers businesses can't say something nice about someone say nothing respectful incredible genuine smile hate not vocabulary can't do that can't done make work make happen very happy someone genuine everybody loves wants around know support talk positive about wants learn everything possible believe good value ask MrFixIt questions logic answers given potential robot humanoid autonomous sexy handsome male TV commercials website YouTube videos gay talk anyone dress well loves mega innovative projects challenges major engineering construction projects completed successfully building projects specific bid engineering see's better way make best



Can't fixstupid  but  MrFixIt  does  FIX  the  PROBLEM !


For the advancement of MrFixIt.AI and a virtual ChatBot and 

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